Sylvain Lagarde Black and White Photography
...Photography or the art to think from the eye, well opened...

I have always taken photos : just to keep a scene, a mood in my mind... But it was an art of memory for a young man. My first artistic pleasure was to write. I don't know precisely when and why, but this two passion were conjugated for me : words can be combinated into images, and images can recall some poetic words and thoughts.

In fact, photography is a way to kill the time and preserve a vision, an impression, a feeling. When I want to shoot something, to fix an instant in time, it is that something, for me, makes sense : for my eye (an aesthetic pleasure), for my heart (an emotion), for my head (i think that an image can always be analyzed an interpreted). So, my photographs are a visual kaleidoscope which composes a "point of view" on the world : that is to say a particular look (that does not mean original ; on the contrary, sometimes), an opinion, and a mood at some point. .


It is a word - a personal neologism - to suggest that memory use partly (principally?) the look. The "mnemospection" is what is worthy of being saved from forgetfulness. So you will find here some examples of these fragments of space picked up by the eye at some point, some areas which spontaneously have provoked an interest which very subjectively was worth being kept.

Black and white photography is for me a monochrome expression which is able to go to the spirit of everything because it eliminates the "superficiality" of colors. It does not mean that color does not have his deserve. Color imposes another vision. But black and white photography is the way i use to reach essence, because it's a "realistic abstraction of the reality" .

If my photographic interests are very variable and various, i hope however that a coherence "speaks" : that of a search of the shape, between strict geometry and harmonious lines of the nature, between a world without human trace and the ghostly presence of human beings. I hope also this personal tendency is not only a simple formalism but a way to underline the "je ne sais quoi" which gives to an image a soul, even if there is no human life in the frame.